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  Since He's University was established, it has received abundant support and attention from many leaders of United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Political Consultative Conference. Shenyang Municipal Party Secretary also advanced the idea of city of Shenyang and Fushun centered with He University, developing the construction of this region with strategy of Sishui Technology city.
Dr. He Wei Shaked hands with president of
CPPCC, Jia Qinglin.
Dr. He Wei reported proposal to Vice-premier, Li Keqiang.
Head of Organization Department of CCPCC
received Dr. He Wei.

Dr. He wei led the Vice-head of The United front
Work Department

of CCCPC and Vice Secretary of Provincial Party
Committee visiting He University.


Secretary of Provincial Party Committee Wang
Min, Municipal

Party Secretary Zeng Wei, and Mayor Cheng
Haibo visited He University with the company
of Dr, He Wei

In 2008, Municipal Party Secretary Zeng Wei worked in He University.

In 2008, Municipal Party Secretary Zeng Wei
wrote an inscription for He University.

On September 2009, Municipal Party Secretary Zeng Wei observed the construction of He

Research Base.

On June 2010, Municipal Party Secretary Zeng
Wei visited He Research Base with Dr. He
Dr. He Wei accompanied Mayor Chen Haibo visiting He Research Base.
Vice-governor Chen Yingchao observed He Eye
IndustrY Base.
On September Mayor Chen Haibo observed He Univerisity.
Dr. He Wei introduced research information to deputy mayor. Shenyang Vice-mayor inspected He University.

On June 2008, Leaders of United Front Work
Department of CPC Central Committee and

Ministry of Civil Affairs visited our university.

Experts of Ministry of National Education

inspected and instructed He University.

Si xiaoming from Department International
Cooperation investigated He University.
Ministry of Science and Technology Yan Jin investigated He University.
Minister of Science and Technology Ministry
Liu Qi Yan investigated He University.

In 2007, leaders from various departments attended the opening ceremony of new



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