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国家副主席习近平接见何伟院长 国务院副总理李克强听取何伟院长汇报 全国政协主席贾庆林与何伟院长亲切握手
Xi Jinpin, the Vice Chairman of People’s Republic of China, received Dr. He Wei Dr. He Wei reported to Vice Premier Li Keqiang CPPCC members shake hands with Dr. He Wei

President's Words

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  Diversified campus life plays an important role in the promotion of positive psychological well-being in our students...
  He College of Ophthalmology & Visual Science is cooperating with many famous universities and ophthalmologic institutions...
  The campus view of He University is fabulously wonderful with high amount of oxygen and beautiful environment...
  He University establish spares no pains to set up China Eye Industry Base...
辽宁何氏医学院 原沈阳医学院何氏视觉科学学院 何氏眼科
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